Nadines Kitchen Lab- London

Nadines Kitchen Lab- London

My name is the Nadine, Mother, Wife and owner of Nadine‘s kitchen lab. I am a home chef by day, and private chef by night. I specialise in the traditional Greek cuisine, using premium British products from small farms around the UK. This way I do what I love, and support local. I grew up with my Greek mother who originated from Corfu, and a Greek Cypriot father. Although both cuisines are classed as Greek, they both have separate methods of making the same dishes. As you can imagine this caused a lot of bickering in the kitchen I have combine the best of both methods in each dish, to create the perfect flavours.

Your food story : I started my business after the last lockdown in December 2021, where I attended a Christmas market in Enfield selling my bakery produce. I didn’t think much of it. I threw myself in the deep and to my surprise I actually sold out. This gave me the strength to carry on and start trying out different methods of selling my food and baking produce. I then opened a stall in Camden Town, and started having stalls around London selling bakery goods. As this was so successful I wanted to do more! So I joined some home cooking platforms, and started cooking my favourite dishes. This was also a success, so of course I wanted to do more. At this point I started offering catering to all the people I met, and joined private cheffing platforms. This was a HUGE success, but guess what? I wanted to do more!! So now I’m conducting children’s cooking workshops!! My love food is not just for work but it’s a passion. The biggest smile I have is in the kitchen, where I get to express my love through food.

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Yummy! Love it :) Thank you so much for making our dinner so special xx

Yuru - Newcastle about listing Beef Sofrito with rice 16 days ago.
Nadines Kitchen Lab- London